Why This Site and Why You’re Here

Michele Weldon | September 6, 2009

It’s not like I have a lot of extra time. So I know not to waste yours.

I write books, articles, essays. I work about 60 hours a week. I do laundry, cook and occasionally walk two miles around the local track.I’m a decent sister and a good friend. And I'm a wrestling mom.

Over the past eight years, I have watched a lot of youth and high school wrestling for my three sons, Weldon, Brendan and Colin. And it has helped my sons and helped me enormously. I have been a single parent—sole custody, sole support-- since 1995, raising three sons, now 21, 18 and 15.

Years ago I began to take notes at the tournaments, seasons before I learned what a cross face was and long before I knew when to cheer and when to shut up. I found it all so fascinating—the parents, the kids, the coaches, the sheer determination of the young men and a few women. The poor sports. The parents who taunt. The fights off the mat. The hands in the air.

As a writer, I have been writing about my life for years. First in essays, then in books. When I got breast cancer in 2006 I couldn’t stop writing. Mostly because I was terrified of being erased.

This is a site for all the wrestling moms and dads with complicated lives like mine. Like yours. It is someplace to post your own story and to read a few others. I am finishing a book on all of this and wanted to build a community before it debuts. I did not want to build a fan site for our team; we have one. I did not want to build a survivor site, there are plenty of those. I wanted to shape a small piece of the world where our coaches, families and friends could connect and talk about our lives and the wrestling we watch every season. Share a laugh or a recipe for chili.

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  1. I love wrestling. I love Powell. And I love this site. I can’t wait to read the interviews.

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