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Michele Weldon | October 23, 2009

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-Michele Weldon

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Comments (5)
  1. Hi Michele, as yet we have no wrestling children or grandchildren but that could change. It was good to see you at the Poe reading. We need to catch up. Best, Lynn

    ps, I am expecting to enjoy your humor

  2. Love your writing: ‘Because he saved it.” Spare, direct, emotional. – LorraineI.

  3. I love the quotes. Keep inspiring us all.Love you, Linda B.

  4. Ahhh….may I never have to wait in West Sub’s emergency room for hours for MRI’s and CAT scans. And Coach Powell…he was wonderful to Mike when he was injured. I love this blog and I miss being a wrestling Mom.

  5. Mary Beth, you will always be a wrestling mom. I miss seing you too!

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