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Brother, brother, brother

Michele Weldon | December 31, 2009

So we sat and watched, cheered, screamed for every Oak Park-River Forest wrestler and passed the time, ate the sandwiches we packed; I drank the Diet Coke, Brendan drank the Gatorade. Colin drank a lot of Gatorade. (This will become important later.)

OPRFHS Wrestler Colin Rogers on Training, Coach Powell, Winning and Losing

Michele Weldon | December 17, 2009

My youngest son, Colin, talks about the importance of Coach Powell as a father figure in his life,the hard work of wrestling and the thrill of winning.

Wrestling Mom Cubed: Caryn Brooks on The Wrestling Family and Her Three Wrestling Sons

Michele Weldon | December 16, 2009

OPRFHS Wrestling Mom Caryn Brooks talks about the wrestling family, other wrestling moms, youth wrestling and Coach Powell.

On Injuries and Holding Patterns

Michele Weldon | December 14, 2009

The doc examined Colin and said he could wrestle if the MRI showed no miniscus or ACL tear. But he needed a week or so off, to let the swelling go down, to let it heal. So we went downstairs in the hospital out-patient center and waited. And waited some more. It was nearly 6 p.m.; I had picked Colin up at the high school at 3:15. The waiting room was crowded.