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On Happiness and Enterprise Points as Life Lessons

Michele Weldon | December 15, 2010

I believe happiness is a byproduct of being productive, contributing to the world, even if that contribution on that day can only be measured at your address. I believe happiness is the result, not the goal. It’s the afterglow of accomplishment, the joy of doing something well, whether that is being a good friend, parent, partner or colleague.

We all want our hand in the air

Michele Weldon | December 10, 2010

Colin has been doing well so far this season, 6-2; had some tough matches, won most, lost a few. I saw them all. And I was screaming like a maniac at every win. I like to win. I like my sons to win. Of course it isn’t everything. But it’s pretty nice when it happens, […]

A Virginia Wrestling Mom’s Story by Stephanie Smith-Justus

Michele Weldon | December 8, 2010

This is a wrestling story…but with a twist. I won’t pretend I “accidentally” got involved; wrestling is a way of life for my town; the town of Grundy, Virginia. Not much of a town is left, the Army Corp of Engineers decided to move our town so we are left with a huge rock cliff […]