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What Do We Teach Our Sons: Step In, Walk Away, Die?

Michele Weldon | July 13, 2011

I understand how this brand of tragedy can happen and how quickly a momentary decision can change lives forever. It ended one life and changed another for the worse. The decision to fight. The decision to try to stop one.
Short of turning back time to the early childhoods of everyone involved in this one tragedy of the July 4th weekend and reprogramming each player in that event to avoid confrontation at all costs for a lifetime, I am not sure what we can possibly do to avert another similar outcome. And that notion terrifies me.

Calling All Youth Wrestling Moms for a Docu Series!

Michele Weldon | July 11, 2011


Do you pride yourself in being heavily involved in your child’s activities? Do you feel that your children are gifted with superior abilities in sports and/or the performing arts? Are you, without question, your child’s biggest cheerleader? Will you go above and beyond to make sure that your child can achieve his or her dreams? Have you and your friends bonded over a shared passion for your children’s activities?

Guest Essay by Caryn Brooks: “You deserve it”

Michele Weldon | July 10, 2011

As wrestling parents we all make hard choices. My children, especially Sam, have been given amazing opportunities because of wrestling. I would like to be there as they take advantage of those things, but it’s not always possible.

On Being extraordinary in wrestling and life: Coach Powell

Michele Weldon | July 5, 2011

See for yourself in this video why being on this team with this coach is an extraordinary experience for the young men on the team, including all three of my sons. Coach Powell talks about the coaches, the Oak Park-River Forest High School Huskies wrestling team, recent 2010 grad Charlie Johnson, and how any man can be extraordinary. Listen to senior Brian Toldeo talk about how wrestling changed his life. Watch Chris Ellis embrace Coach Powell. And maybe you can understand why it is about much more than wrestling.