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Coach Mike Powell on The Future

Michele Weldon | November 24, 2009

Coach Mike Powell On Health

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Coach Mike Powell on Wrestling Myths

Michele Weldon | November 23, 2009

OPRF Coach Mike Powell on Wrestling Moms

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On Clean Bills, Patients and Winning

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“I am not God,” Dr. Dowlat said as I pulled the green print open-fronted gown closed. “But you will be fine.”

Today was my semi-annual appointment with the breast surgeon who excised my cancer and oversaw my recovery beginning three years ago. He is kind, reassuring and most importantly, a seasoned surgeon. I trust him with my life. Because he saved it.

Coach Mike Powell On Wrestling and Coaching

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Video: Working It Out

Caryn Brooks | November 13, 2009

Watch a video of the wrestlers at Oak Park and River Forest High School as they work out in the weight room.