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On Coming Back and What Integrity Means

Michele Weldon | April 29, 2010

OPRFHS 2009 graduate Jake Venerable talks about what Coach Mike Powell means to him and why he came back to the varsity wrestling team after leaving for a year. And why this group of teammates who shared “blood, sweat and tears” will be his friends for life.

On Writing About My Life

Michele Weldon | April 27, 2010

The more I live, the more I write. I’m not regurgitating experiences or embarassing my friends, children and neighbors. I am trying to make sense of the stories that accurately and effectively articulate exactly what is like to feel, be, live in certain moments.

OPRFH Wrestler Brock Friesen on Being Part of a Winning Brotherhood

Michele Weldon | April 15, 2010

Brock Friesen graduates in June after four years on the OPRFHS wrestling team. He talks about learning from a coach –Mike Powell– who is more than just talk.