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On Recovery, Homecoming and Preseason Wrestling

Michele Weldon | October 10, 2010

The basement is finished. May not seem like a lot to you. But even FEMA helped out. I had more than 100 photos ready for the inspector who really didn't care to see them. I filed a claim online, he phoned for an appointment to see the basement. He was polite, stayed about 20 minutes, took photos of his own and within a week I had notification of a reimbursement. Fair, fast and efficient. It covered about 15 percent of my loss, but it covered a good chunk of the repairs.

Six weeks after the flood that destroyed all the furniture, walls and floors, the basement at our house is an operational space. Thanks to a tireless handyman, plenty of paint, DuraRock, wood, vinyl tile, plaster and patience, the basement is a destination, not a disaster.

To inaugurate the space, two downstate wrestlers are staying there for a tough three-day, two-practice a day wrestling camp organized by Coach Powell. The boys from Washington, Ill. declared the place "awesome."

Coach Powell dropped off the two young men Saturday night, while Colin was at Homecoming. When I checked on them an hour or so later, they were already asleep. The Huskies practices, especially twice a day are tough, or so I am reminded.

They had two practices today already, two more Monday on Columbus Day. It reminds me that we're in pre-season and we're about to get our wrestling mojo on. Looking forward to cheering on Colin at 135 or 140. At least he no longer has to wrestle at 119. That was excruciating. I'm loading the cabinets with Clif bars already and eyeing all my Huskies gear in the closet, ready to wear every week at the tournaments.

I miss the wrestlers I don't see often outside of season. I miss every weekend and a few nights a week in the stands. I have had my Saturdays off to do work, errands, whatever I needed to. But I miss the craziness of in-season. And I am looking forward to coming home.

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  1. It is exciting the wreslting season is finaly coming. I miss it so much in college. I look forward to looking through the internet to find out how the huskies are doing. But what is really great is I can read this blog and be riminded of all the things I miss most about wrestling which were not the vicotires and medals but the comunity.

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