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On Being extraordinary in wrestling and life: Coach Powell

Michele Weldon | July 5, 2011

Every time I think about Coach Powell and what a great man he is and how I am so grateful to have him and all the other Oak Park-River Forest High School wrestling coaches in my sons' lives, he goes ahead and does something Powellish. Like call from Vista, California, where he was at a weeklong wrestling camp with some of the team, and tells me about something Colin needs. And then I go and finally edit the video from the wrestling banquet that was a long time ago-- OK, March-- and I see that I am not at all making any of this up.

See for yourself. Coach Powell talks about the coaches, the Oak Park-River Forest High School Huskies wrestling team, recent 2010 grad Charlie Johnson, and how any man can be extraordinary. Listen to senior Brian Toldeo talk about how wrestling changed his life. Watch Chris Ellis embrace Coach Powell.

This is why our sons wrestle. This is why we call ourselves the Huskies Wrestling Family. This is why the experience of having my three sons listen to the advice of this coach on and off the mat has changed all their lives for the better.

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  1. Some how Powell who tells lies in every story he ever tells, can never be wrong. When he talks to you it is like he has every word planed to come out perfect. It is funny because I believe that the point of the OPRF wrestling team is not to create Ellis Coleman, but to create Otto Olson. Powell’s stories of Olson sound to me a lot like the man I dream of becoming and a lot like the people in this world I look up to most, My brother, graduates of the OPRF wrestling program, and my father. But I believe that if you told that story and changed Otto to mike and Ann Arbor to Oak Park it could have been about Powell.

  2. Also probably true that the OPRF wrestling coaches are the best in the country and Charlie Johnson may just be able to change the world

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