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Caryn Brooks: You Know You’re A Wrestling Mom (or Dad) When…

Michele Weldon | December 28, 2011

Wrestling Mom extraordinaire Caryn Brooks, mother of the legendary wrestlers, Max, Ben and Sammy Brooks, has this to say on the eve of the Granite City tournament: You know you're a wrestling parent when...

You walk into the doctor’s office and there’s no need for a scale, your child’s weight is written in sharpie on his shoulder.

December 31st is the day after the Midlands tournament. I know it’s also something else, but that escapes me.

Beyonce sings about all the “single ladies” and you hear “all the single legs” and wonder why Beyonce has a song out about wrestling?

The smell of wrestling shoes brings back memories of matches rather than makes you sick to your stomach (ok, it might make you sick to your stomach as well).

You know more about rashes than your doctor.

Fargo is where you go every summer instead of on a vacation.

Your first thought when you hear cauliflower is about your child’s ears, not about what you put in your mouth.

Hugs are banned. They only lead to a body lock or double unders and you’re afraid you’ll get thrown.

You don’t even notice how much your butt and back hurt on the bleachers at an all-day tournament because there are some really good matches.

Everyone who steps on the mat with your child looks so much bigger and stronger than your kid, how could they possibly weigh the same?

I know there are more ways to know you’re a wrestling mom (or dad), please feel free to add your own. Let’s see how many we can come up with.

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Comments (7)
  1. When you make projected lineups for the 2015-16 season based on this year’s Youth/Middle School team.

  2. You get up at 5 am and brave the freezing cold, on a Saturday, so your child can weigh in early…

  3. When you scream so loud for your son on one mat & your daughter on the other you don’t want to miss any move or postition they make! Then by the end of the day you lose your voice.

  4. When high school basketball, a game you grew up with (in Indiana) as the state religion, is now just a bunch of weenie prima donnas who get way too much press coverage and who will never be half the man your son is.

    When you see that shirt for sale at the meets that says, “I have no life. My son is a wrestler.” you realize that it hasn’t been funny for years.

    When you see the parents’ tempting sugary baked goods for sale at away tournaments, you’re convinced it’s a actually ploy by the home coaches to mess with the other teams’ wrestlers.

    When blood time is called, you think of its strategic implications in the match rather than whether the kid’s alright – even if it’s yours.

    When you realize that, in addition to its awesome wrestling program, Oak Park has a bunch of pretty nice houses, too.

  5. When the thought of an all night, non-stop, 13 hour road trip with just you and your best wrestling mom friend just so you can make it to the NCAA Div I Championships on time ( and it has to be all night because you used up all your vacation time at work taking off for EVERY match of your son’s senior season…) feels like waiting for Christmas….”only 7 more days till we leave for St. Louis Kim!!!!”. LOL

  6. When you have contacts at every district in the state so you can get a quick start figuring out the brackets for regions!

  7. When you go to sleep and your husband holds you-out of instinct your hand fighting and doing wrist control. He woke me up saying are you ok? Ya I was dreaming of wrestling.

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