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Sherri Eddy: Not always “May the best man win;” Sometimes it’s “May the best win”

Michele Weldon | March 5, 2012

Katie winning a match at Stevenson Columbia Gorge Invitational 2011, where she took first place.

I have three children who all grew up wrestling. I have sat mat-side for 17 years now and my youngest is a senior in high school. With the recent senior night for the last home match I realize I will miss the constant vigil.

When my two boys wanted to wrestle it only seemed natural. They came from a long line of wrestling uncles and cousins. We encouraged and supported their drive and went to every meet we could. It wasn't so easy when our youngest came home from school and said she wanted to wrestle too.

When Katie came home from school in the sixth grade and stated that she wanted to join the wrestling team, we said, "No way, you're a girl and this sport is just too hard."

Katie doing a double arm bar during a 2010 tournament.

We knew what it took to wrestle and well, she was a girl! We finally consented after the coach and principal said we should let her try. That was seven wrestling seasons ago. For the last four years she has been on her high school
boys varsity squad for 119 to 126 lb. weight class! Oregon does not have all-girl wrestling teams in the schools.

Katie has had many obstacles to overcome being a girl in a male-dominant sport. Against the boys she loses more than she wins but never lets that beat her down. Every time she walks onto the mat she believes she can win. She has had some major victories too.

In 2011 she competed at a prestigious invitational tournament with her team and took 1st place! This year her goal was to make it to boys state.

She was just one place away from it in 2011.

Katie also wrestles girls, and she knows that wrestling the boys has made her one of the top girl wrestlers in the nation. Katie has been recruited by Oklahoma City University. It is the top girls wrestling team in the nation for the last four years!

Katie at her signing cermeony for Oklahoma City University where she will wrestle. She is surrounded by her coaches and her parents.

All of the long days and weekends have been worth it.

I am proud to say that I am a Wrestling Mom!!
--- Sherri Eddy

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  1. Way cool!


  3. Way to go, CHAMP!! We are very proud of you, and love you very much!! Good Luck in Oklahoma!!
    Love, Grndpa & Grndma Eddy

  4. Wow Katie, you are truly phenominal and inspiring. You go!!
    Patrick Massengale

  5. Katie, you are one very blessed person, for getting to live your dream. Live your dreams!

    Terry, Gwen and Shannon Z.

  6. Love to read stuff like this, my two daughters wrestle. One went from Pee Wees to modified and on to varsity. My younger daughter went from Pee Wees to Varsity in 7th grade. They have both had good years and tough years. My younger daughter plans to wrestle in college, right now she has her eyes on Oklahoma City Univ., she is gong into her Freshman year in 2012 so, we will see. She does plan to continue wrestling, oh, New York does not have all girls wrestling team either. It is wonderful to see the boys so excepting and supportive of my girls. Their younger brother also wrestles. In the past 6 years we have become a hard core wrestling family. Our friends are very used to us not being available once the season starts. Good luck Katie!!

  7. Boys should wrestle boys and girls should wrestle girls. We don’t need any bullshit wrestling moms unless it’s at an all-girls tournament.

  8. Glad trans guys are wrestling girls and taking the thunder. A blog about girl wrestling and it shows her embarrassing two males. Sure they appreciate being blow up on the internet 10 years later still. Hopefully someone will embarrass your kids and put it on the internet as well. Not one picture wrestling another girl. Glory to show off sure those guys had fun at school the next day.

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