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Jonna Borgdorff on Being an All In Wrestling Mom

Michele Weldon | February 22, 2013

Andrew Borgdorff earlier this season at Maine South

As the Oak Park-River Forest Huskies head to Team State in Bloomington, Ill. ranked No. 1 and hoping to come home with the championship, Jonna Borgdorff reflects on her role with the team.

I am proud to be a Wrestling Mom. An All In Wrestling Mom. My two sons have always been active in sports. Each sport has value and teaches its own lessons. Unlike other sports, wrestling lessons, both physical and mental benefit every sport and benefit life in general. What the t-shirts say is true, “Once you have been a wrestler, everything else is easy.”

When my sons were youth wrestlers I went to classes to receive coaching certifications every year. I was privileged to be in their corners and with them every day at practice. Now that they are older, the high school coaching staff members are much more experienced and there is not a place for me as a coach. I am involved administratively with the team and enthusiastically do as much as I can.

Devonte Mahomes at Maine South 12/15/12

When my oldest son was a freshman I received a fabulous camera for Christmas. Since then I have become the team photographer. After every meet I post photos of each wrestler on Facebook. The athletes and their extended family members “friend” me so that they can celebrate their favorite wrestlers.

I am delighted to once again be in the corner for my sons and the rest of the team! Capturing “the moment” in a match is absolute magic for me. Knowing the wrestlers love them and that through my pictures, out of town family members are able to share in those moments warms my heart.

I am an All In Wrestling Mom, Coach, Administrator, Photographer. I love this sport. I hope you enjoy some of this year’s favorite shots.

Robert Campos earlier this season.

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  1. So well put. Thank you for the photographs and for being you, generous with your time, expertise and kindness, they broke the mold after you!

  2. Love your photos, I too am an all in wrestling Mom. My 3 boys have wrestled since the age of 5, two are now graduated from HS but my youngest now (17) is geared up and ready to go, He worked hard in the off season. Like you I am the wrestling team Mom, President of our parents club and team photographer, I love to capture these moments and am able to make these boys so happy and their families with whatever I capture that day. Its so interesting what unfolds through the lens, sometimes I amaze myself with the expressions and emotions coming through that photograph. Its a fantastic sport and even though all my sons played football (varsity and damn good at it) and baseball, they love the sport of wrestling and the intensity they bring is so worth all the sacrifice.

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