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Battle Hymn of the Huskies Moms

Michele Weldon | January 20, 2011

I have read a lot of comments about the new book, “Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother.” And this is what I think. It takes a big parent to admit her reach is limited. It takes a realistic mother to understand that it is not optimal to have your influence over your child be so enormous that it shapes everything the child does or hopes to become. I do my best. I strongly suggest. I mandate. I insist. But I do not believe parenting is meant to be a battle. And the battle hymn we sing as parents should be a song that is inspirational, uplifting and not just noise in the background.

Looking Back on Coach Powell’s 2010 Banquet Speech

Michele Weldon | November 18, 2010

Coach Mike Powell gives 15 Life Lessons for the OPRFHS Huskies wrestlers. Good words to live by.

Cancer Awareness Never Sleeps

Michele Weldon | November 2, 2010

Cancer survivors don’t need a month-long reminder punctuated with ubiquitous pink ribbons. We never forget. It’s nice and all, thank you, with everyone driving around with the stickers on their bumpers, and running/ walking for the cure, donating, speaking out, sharing their stories. But we survivors don’t need the brain rush at the grocery check-out to pledge a dollar. Because we know how important it all is. We wish we didn’t have to know, but we know.

Accidental Athlete

Michele Weldon | September 4, 2009

You couldn’t say I am a hyper fan because I am living out my own athleticism through my sons; I am amazed by their fitness and competitive verve, awed by their strength and agility. It is foreign to me, quite separate from who I am and who I ever wanted to be. It is completely unrelated to my youth of occasional swimming, hopscotch and excessive jump roping.