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WIN WIN so so on wrestling

Michele Weldon | April 12, 2011

It’s all fine and dandy and true-feeling from the bad coaches and kids who are horrible in practice to the skinny kid, Stemler, who is terrified of wrestling, to the entire team on the bus en route to their own pinning crucifixions. We also loved the brief scene with all the wrestlers piling up the stairs and out of the Flaherty basement in a blur of muscular adolescence. And Kyle’s tatoos. A lot of wrestlers have tattoos.

Looking Back on Coach Powell’s 2010 Banquet Speech

Michele Weldon | November 18, 2010

Coach Mike Powell gives 15 Life Lessons for the OPRFHS Huskies wrestlers. Good words to live by.

On Coming Back and What Integrity Means

Michele Weldon | April 29, 2010

OPRFHS 2009 graduate Jake Venerable talks about what Coach Mike Powell means to him and why he came back to the varsity wrestling team after leaving for a year. And why this group of teammates who shared “blood, sweat and tears” will be his friends for life.

OPRFH Wrestler Brock Friesen on Being Part of a Winning Brotherhood

Michele Weldon | April 15, 2010

Brock Friesen graduates in June after four years on the OPRFHS wrestling team. He talks about learning from a coach –Mike Powell– who is more than just talk.

2009 OPRF Wrestler Brendan Rogers on Coach Powell, Injury and The Team Medal

Michele Weldon | January 18, 2010

Brendan Rogers, an OPRF Wrestler 2004-2009, talks about the impact Coach Powell had on his life, especially the moment Powell gave Brendan the team state medal; Brendan was unable to wrestle team state because of a knee injury.

2007 Wrestling Alum Weldon Rogers on Coach Powell, The Ear and What Wrestling Means

Michele Weldon | January 12, 2010

He’s proud of his wrestling career in high school and briefly in college. He’s also proud of the “ear” he earned. Weldon Rogers talks about Coach Powell and his own transformation as an athlete and a young man. Now a college junior, Weldon claims he went from being “garbage” as a youth wrestler to placing fourth in Illinois in 2007 at the IHSA Class AA individual state tournament for 140 pounds.

OPRFHS Wrestler Colin Rogers on Training, Coach Powell, Winning and Losing

Michele Weldon | December 17, 2009

My youngest son, Colin, talks about the importance of Coach Powell as a father figure in his life,the hard work of wrestling and the thrill of winning.

Coach Mike Powell On Health

Michele Weldon | November 24, 2009

Coach Mike Powell on Wrestling Myths

Michele Weldon | November 23, 2009

OPRF Coach Mike Powell on Wrestling Moms

Michele Weldon |